The Summer Student Program has been a vital part of our community since its inception in the 2000s. We are grateful to all of the brilliant students who have given their time to learning and supporting our local families. And we are proud to mentor and nurture new early childhood educators, fostering a community of growth for the future. We’d like to give thanks to the Honourable Joyce Murray MP, whose support has been instrumental in making this program possible every year at WSFP through the Canada Summer Job Student program. Thank you, Joyce Murray, for being an ardent supporter of our cause and joining us at our 50th-anniversary garden party last month. Our summer students bring creativity, energy, and passion to many of our events. Without them, our beloved Fiesta del Sol and Canada Day celebrations wouldn’t be the same! So, here’s to all the incredible students who have been a part of our team and made a positive impact on the lives of others. You are the change-makers of tomorrow, and we’re proud to have you on this journey with us!