How we will maintain safety:


  • Complete health checklist of symptoms (cough, cold, shortness of breath, fever (temp 38C+), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, head and body aches) and confirm contact information before admission
  • Ask families to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms
  • Require families to sanitize or wash hands when entering the space, handling shared toys and materials, and when leaving the space
  • Require wearing of mask for extra protection – mask will be provided if needed (ages 5 older)
  • Keep 6ft distance between families and staff/volunteers
  • Coordinate use of eating space
  • Clean, sanitize/disinfect surface, shared toys, materials and playroom space after each session
  • We will have smaller group size
  • Ensure good ventilation for all service spaces


How to tell if your child may be ill:

  • Notice a change of behaviour, appetite and personality
  • Child may be irritable, cranky or sleepy/lethargic
  • Child may have decreased appetite
  • Child may not be interested in playing or activities as they normally would
  • May have lost their sense of smell or taste
  • Visible signs and symptoms: runny nose, constant sneezing, coughing


What to do if you or your child is feeling ill at WSFP:

  • Inform staff of possible symptoms – If feeling shortness of breath, please inform staff and they will call 911
  • Put on a mask and leave immediately
  • Call 811 (Nurse’s Hotline) and describe your symptoms or go to and take the Self-Assessment


What to do if you have tested positive for COVID-19 and you visited our program:

  • Please inform staff from West Side Family Place (call 604-738-2819 or email at


Your health and safety are our priority. We aim to provide care to families through the safest way possible during this time. Thank you for your ongoing support and cooperation.