A snapshot of life in Kitsilano in the 1980s – We all know Kitsilano is a special location with its mountain views, beach access, parks, rainforests, and close proximity to the lively Downtown area, but it also has its own unique personality. Now an extremely expensive and affluent neighbourhood that all we have to contend with, it wasn’t always like this. You can walk around and see remnants of past influences – from the 70s when 4th Avenue was occupied by hippies, to the early 80s austerity measures, and the subsequent Expo 86 event that sparked an economic boom in Vancouver.

Kitsilano has undergone many changes over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is our appreciation for this eclectic neighbourhood with its distinctive buildings, businesses, services, and the people who call it home, who hail not only from all over Canada but from across the world.