In the late 80s, co-founder Ellen and board member Diana Ellis realized they needed to validate the impact of the Family Place service to spread the word and attract further funding. To do this, they compiled a comprehensive piece of research that proved how and why Family Place worked so well for young families. Using their experience as researchers, educators and community organizers, Diana and Ellen set about doing Participatory Action Research and shared it widely across Canada, resulting in Family Places popping up around Vancouver and beyond. Interestingly, the research highlighted the problems that a lot of stay-at-home moms were experiencing and how that affected their children, their relationships, and the community as a whole. It also demonstrated the value of a simple service that provided a safe space for parents and caregivers to relax, have a break, and share their parenting experiences – both good and bad. The idea of gentle help at Family Place was simple but effective; and the team often resolved some big family issues, as well as everyday challenges. Forty years later, WSFP continues to do annual participatory studies with its families to ensure the team understands the needs of young families in the neighbourhood.