The beloved house at West Side Family Place underwent some serious renovations in the 2000s which couldn’t have happened without the support of our wonderful community.
A big shout out to David Richardson for his ongoing support with big items as well as annual donations. Diane Ash, a past Executive Director, recalls the former Premier Christy Clark holding a press conference in 2011 at WSFP where someone cheekily asked if there was funding for a new roof as it looked a little worse for wear, and David Richardson shouted out that he would cover that – and he did! Work began a month later.
We’re grateful to all our donors who have helped fund renovations over the years. R.E. Gordon Davis kindly funded the kitchen renovation, and we received a sizeable donation for the playground from Robert Quartermain. It makes a huge difference to our members.
Diane recalls that when work took place on the flooring, the kitchen, and especially outside that everybody took a great interest including the children who would drop by on a daily basis to check on progress. Unintentionally, this put pressure on the contractors who worked extra hard to get the job done quickly so the kids could come back and play. Diane commented: “There’s just something about the heart of this place that brings out the best in people.”