As we wrap up the 2000s this week, we pay homage to Michael Labossiere, a local dad who generously gave up his time to support our cause for 14 years! Michael’s journey began in the early 2000s when he started coming along to West Side Family Place with his son. During that era, Michael stood out as one of a few stay-at-home dads who visited the house, reflecting the shifting societal landscape. In fact, he was even interviewed by CBC TV about taking paternity leave because it made the news that the British Prime Minister took parental leave while in office. Michael went on to become a valued member of our board and volunteered his time to assist with our popular “Breakfast with Santa” event. With his service-oriented mindset, Michael took on the role of pancake chef and returned year after year to lend a hand. Thank you Michael for your dedication to the families of West Side Family Place!