Where can I access my Omnify account?

Visit westsidefamilyplace.getomnify.com for direct access to your Omnify account.

I received an email notification for an open spot, why is the system not letting me register?

A) When an open spot becomes available, every person on the waitlist receives a notification at the same time. Registration is first come, first serve. If the system does not allow you to sign up, the spot has already been filled.

B) To enter the waitlist, the system does not require an account. Therefore, you may be unable to register in a program if you have not created an account first. Please make an account beforehand at: westsidefamilyplace.getomnify.com

Why can't I cancel my registered spot?

To cancel your registered spot, click the link attached to your confirmation e-mail. The system does not allow for cancellations after the start of the program. If you would like to cancel after a program has started, call us at 604.738.2819.

Is registering for an Omnify account the same as registering for a membership?

An annual membership gives you access to all of our programs, with an additional $3 drop-in fee per visit. A membership can be purchased here: https://www.westsidefamilyplace.com/membership/.  The registration site, Omnify, is simply a technical platform for program registration.